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Committees/Volunteer Opportunities
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Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

The following volunteer positions are currently open:


(None at this time)


SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE – Assists with promoting, organizing and confirming sponsors for chapter meetings. Helps to develop professional partnerships and networks within the local HR community.

DIVERSITY COMMITTEE – This committee supports diversity initiatives and programs of SHRM, and develops and implements chapter diversity initiatives to try to ensure an open and inclusive HRACC.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - Assists the Co-Directors processing new applicants, sending out membership packets, welcoming new members at events, and soliciting prospective new members for the organization.


Our volunteer coordination role falls under our Membership Committee.  Anne Peabody-Brostek, Volunteer Coordinator, helps to   recruit, retain, and reward volunteers while facilitating relations between volunteers and committee chairpersons. Anne is available to assist you with:

·         Selecting the best committee to suit your interests and commitment level

·         General inquiries about volunteer opportunities for specific projects, tasks and events

·         Sharing feedback and ideas that impact our members and volunteers

We are always seeking volunteers to assist the chapter in various capacities. Opportunities may be ongoing, intermittent, ad-hoc or project-based. Volunteer opportunities can be for any time commitment - from just a few hours, to working on a project or event, all the way up to chairing a committee.  Whatever your time commitment is, we can find a spot for you!  Feel free to lend your talents and add yourself to our volunteer directory.

As an HR professional, you know getting involved is the best way to network and open the doors of opportunity. If you are a new HRACC member, start off right by joining one of our exciting committees. If you are a member in transition or advancing in your career, volunteering is a great way to enhance your personal and professional development.  Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to be added to our volunteer directory at: Below you’ll find more details on each of the committees.

Membership: Co-directed by Sandra Boccialetti and Beth Kavaler, the membership committee meets periodically to address the needs of our members. We process new applicants, solicit prospective members, welcome newly joined members, and help new members find the best committee fit for volunteer roles in HRACC. An orientation event is held during the year to introduce new members to HRACC Officers and Committee Directors. As the unofficial diplomats for the organization, committee members make an effort to meet and greet newcomers and see that they are introduced at HRACC events.   Interested?  To join this committee, send an email to:

Programs:  Co-Directors Janet Schaeneman and Lois Krause and their committee arrange for interesting and topical presentations for our monthly meetings. A major reason for our tremendous success is the quality of our programs. The committee is always looking for new members to help in program planning, especially for brainstorming with the group for new ideas.  Interested?  To join this committee, send an email to:

Employment Connection: This service, directed by Terry Montuori, assists HRACC members in landing their next HR position, and is open for members in transition, or those who are employed and thinking about a change. Members can receive individual advice with their job search. The HR Lead Group meets monthly to share job leads and to discuss career management topics for a successful career transition.  To join this committee, send an email to:

Certification & Member Recognition: This committee, directed by Turkessa Antrum, promotes the development of members through a variety of courses in the Human Resources Management Certificate Program, promotes certification through both the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and SHRM, ensures our programs are pre-approved for SHRM and HRCI recertification credits where possible, and recognizes members for their professional achievements. This committee also coordinates and promotes the HRACC Mentor Program. To join this committee, send an email to:

Workforce Readiness: This committee, led by Sandi Sibilio, recognizes the need for us to become involved with community programs and interests, and publicizes HRACC's expertise and availability as a resource on HR issues and concerns. The committee’s primary activity is coordinating work-readiness workshops for high school students in the Hartford area.  To join this committee, send an email to:

Diversity: This SHRM Bronze Diversity Award-winning committee, directed by Erica Byfield, supports diversity initiatives and programs of SHRM, and develops and implements chapter diversity initiatives to try to ensure an open and inclusive HRACC.  To join this committee, send an email to:

Legislative Affairs: This committee, directed by Jim Shea, tracks HR-related legislation providing information and informs our membership about important issues on the horizon.  To join this committee, send an email to:

College Relations: This committee, directed by Maria Joy, handles all relationships and support with student SHRM chapters at local colleges.  This committee also identifies outstanding college students in the region eligible to qualify for the Jim Roberts Scholarship, which is awarded annually.  To join this committee, send an email to:

Sponsorship & Advertising/Marketing: Led by Deb Segreto, this committee fields inquiries, identifies and contacts potential marketing and sponsorship opportunities for Chapter meetings and website advertising.  To join this committee, send an email to:

Public Relations: This committee led by Marisa Berti, is responsible for ensuring a branded, consistent message about HRACC to the public, including press releases and news stories.   To join this committee, send an email to:

Kindly Acts:  This committee provides support to our members who have been sick, experienced a loss, are going through a transition, or feeling weighed down with life’s challenges. This committee makes phone calls, sends cards, and arranges personal visits when appropriate. In addition, the Committee congratulates our members who have reasons to celebrate!  For additional information regarding this committee,  please click here to visit our Kindly Acts web page.

SHRM Foundation Director:  This committee, led by Margo Granger is responsible for educating, promoting, and representing the existence and purpose of the SHRM Foundation to our membership. This position also conducts fundraisers for the SHRM Foundation.

Young Professionals:  The HRACC Young Professionals Group, led by Director Deaci-ann Wallen, is a venue for young and early career professionals to network, socialize, learn, and make an impact on the community while developing lasting personal relationships.  Committee members work on specific YP events and coordination, as well as social media publicity. To join this committee, send an email to: