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Speaker RFP Form


We appreciate your interest in presenting at an HRACC Chapter Meeting!

If you are not a speaker, but would like to simply suggest a topic for HRACC to tackle in one of our programs, please submit your idea to

Please read all the information on this page and complete the following application with the requested information. Should you be selected as a speaker, the information you furnish will be printed in brochures, flyers, emails, and on the HRACC website, as well as other methods of communication as it is presented here. Proof of prior speaking engagements may be required at a later date (e.g., audio/video tapes of presentations, books, articles, letters of recognition, and/or evaluations). Please submit a separate proposal for each unique topic or presentation.

Members of the HRACC Program Committee will review all proposals.  Unless otherwise indicated your proposal will be considered for Chapter Meeting Programs.

Chapter Meetings occur monthly about 10 times per year, usually during the second or third weeks of each month.  While our meetings are normally dinner meetings held in Rocky HIll, CT, we do host occasional breakfast meetings as well.  The 90-minute (including Q&A) presentation attendance averages 50 HR professionals, in addition to others interested in relevant HR networking opportunities.

HRACC will be publicizing this event to various media outlets in our area.  HRACC may also change the title of the event, add a byline to the title, or use additional promotional language when advertising the event, in order to entice attendees to register, and to ensure that the session will be eligible for re-certification credits through SHRM and the HR Certification Institute.

HRACC reserves the right to contact media outlets of our choice, and is not responsible for content errors that may occur if media outlets abbreviate or change the description of the event that we've provided to them.

HRACC advertising outlets include but are not limited to:  Hartford Courant, Hartford Business Journal, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.  Advertising may be placed elsewhere as HRACC deems appropriate.

If you have any concerns about this, please let us know as soon as possible.


HRACC is a nonprofit organization. We solicit partnerships with subject matter experts on a variety of diverse HR topics. In exchange for sharing your expertise with our membership, we provide increased visibility and opportunities to strengthen relationships with key HR decision makers.   HRACC generally does not compensate speakers.  For further detail about speaking arrangements, please complete the RFP online form below.  If selected, we will review and engage in a detailed conversation so that the terms of the partnership are clearly understood.

At the end of this form, you will be asked if we can share your presentation materials (slide deck, handouts or other materials) with our members or with the meeting attendees.

Our members are often interested in getting materials before the meeting (so that attendees can print it out and bring it with them,) or after the meeting (to refresh their notes, and also so members who wanted to attend, but were unable to, might be able to still learn something about the topic.)

**Please complete the form below and HIT SUBMIT at the bottom when your application is complete.

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